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ORB / OCHRe Facilitated Projects

Prostate Cancer

The following table shows a representative list of projects for which ORB / OCHRe have provided, or are providing, samples and/or services.

Project Title ORB / OCHRe Involvement
Pre-operative window of opportunity study of the effects of atovaquone on hypoxia in non-small cell lung carcinoma (ATOM trial) Biobank support provided to process 810 fresh tissue samples into FFPE blocks from 23 cases. Project duration 3 years to date.
SMP2 Stratified Medicine Programme Provision of unstained sections and blood samples from patients recruited to research study.
Validation of single cell sequencing technique for pancreatic cancer specimens Consenting of patients and sample collection for research project
The impact of cancer microenvironment on the quality of tumor-infiltrating T cells Consenting of patients and collection of fresh lung samples for issue to researcher – project duration 3-5 years
Gynaecological Oncology Targeted Therapy Study 01 (GO-Target-01) - IF method development Identification of patients, consent checking and provision of FFPE samples – 13 cases provided over 2 year period.
Evolution and heterogeneity across multiple cancer types_ 5 year project – patient consent and venepuncture (blood sampling), sample collections from Churchill and JR, freezing of sample and provision of frozen sections. Staining and scanning of sections.
Immune cell interactions in inflammatory diseases Ongoing since 2014 - collection of fresh tonsils. 44 samples collected to date
Multi-modal Analysis of Longitudinally Sampled Oesophageal Cancer Patients - CRUK OeCa Collection CRUK oesophageal collection – Emma can provide more details regarding what she does – tracking samples / consenting / collecting etc. 2 year project
Analysis of the Interaction between epithelial cells, mast cells and basophils in patients with asthma and healthy controls 69 fresh lung samples issued to research project – ongoing since 2016
Prostate Molecular Targeting to Enhance surgery using IR800 IAB2M (ProMOTE IR800 IAB2M) Frozen and FFPE samples collected and stored by ORB
The Role of Neutrophils in the Development of Liver Metastasis Now closed but an example of another tissue type – 125 fresh liver samples issued to research project between 2014 – 17
Identification of new targets for a lung cancer vaccine Collection and freezing of 54 lung tissue samples from 12 patients
Investigating cellular changes and potential biomarkers within colorectal cancer 14 samples collected from 7 patients under ORB consent