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Applying for OCHRe Services

Using the sample inventory system.

OCHRe and ORB have an integrated application process for accessing samples and data through the Biobank and/or requesting OCHRe services.

Contact OCHRe to make an enquiry.

Please note that you will require ethical approval to use human samples and/or data for research.

A quotation can be supplied at any point during the application process, as long as sufficient information has been provided.

OCHRe terms and conditions for Sample and Data access (PDF)

OCHRe terms and conditions of service (PDF)

Oxford University Hospitals pathology access and approvals for research

Essential information regarding Clinical Trials and Research Governance at Oxford University.

OCHRe has been set up to facilitate access to pathology services, expertise and bioresources and ensure that research use of pathology resources are costed and charged appropriately. This applies to all studies using this service, commercial and non-commercial. For all OUH and University sponsored studies this should be addressed at the protocol development stage.

Research studies that will be using the OUH NHS Trust Pathology & Laboratories services must go through the following:

Approvals are required for:

Multi-centre studies, for which Oxford is a trial site, will still require OCHRe approval if input from the OUH Cellular Pathology Department is involved. Studies must have been costed in principle with OCHRe prior to receiving R&D approval.

Completion of the full application process is only required for initial registration of a project. A system is in place to ensure that time-sensitive requests (e.g. specimen analysis required for patient recruitment into a clinical trial) will be prioritised, but this must be flagged up during the application process.

Tissue blocks from the OUH NHS Trust Cellular Pathology diagnostic archive will NOT be released to third parties; instead the possibility of using derivative sample formats (e.g. sections, scrolls, cores) will be discussed with the applicant.