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Welcome to the Oxford Centre for Histopathology Research

The Oxford Centre for Histopathology Research (OCHRe) is an integrated service-driven facility which enables access to equipment and methodologies for research, and importantly the expertise essential for the generation and interpretation of reliable and reproducible results.

OCHRe is closely linked to the Oxford Radcliffe Biobank (ORB) which provides a simple and efficient way to collect and store samples according to regulatory requirements, and ensures fair access to the samples.

The ORB and OCHRe are supported by the Oxford Biomedical Research Centre which is a partnership between the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust and the University of Oxford.


OCHRe has received its 1000th application

10 June 2013

Following its inception in 2008 OCHRe has been acting as the functional gateway for access to myriad specimen collections that are collected and stored in Oxford to facilitate translational research. The progress and capacity of OCHRe has grown steadily during this time, supporting many kinds of biomedical research across the Strategic Partnership of the University of Oxford and Oxford University Hospitals Trust including clinical, surgical and other types of trials and specific ethically approved research projects involving the use of human tissue. OCHRe processes on average 24 applications per month, via a dedicated Access Committee which meets fortnightly. The success of OCHRe depends entirely on the dedicated efforts of the Committee which comprises of senior academic staff, a research ethicist, pathologists, members of the Cellular Pathology operational team, OCHRe team members and the Biobank Manager. It's with thanks to the Committee that OCHRe has received and is processing its 1000th application.